Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Let us find you the right insurance for this beauty.

We’ll find the right insurance for this beauty!

Do you own a Recreational Vehicle (RV)? Do you use it for vacations, or do you live in it? The answer to this question will affect the type of insurance you need for your RV.

RVs all have one thing in common: They are motorized. They are not the same as travel trailers, which need to be towed behind a vehicle. We also offer insurance for travel trailers.

These vehicles qualify for Recreational Vehicle Insurance:

  • Motor Homes (Class A, B, C)
  • Motor Coaches
  • Bus Conversions
  • Camper Vans

In general, vehicles qualify for separate RV insurance if the have these features:

  • Cooking appliances
  • Refrigeration
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Heating and/or air-conditioning
  • Drinking water supply
  • An electrical power system

Some auto insurance policies provide partial coverage for your RV, but not nearly enough for peace of mind. Let’s face it, an RV can cost as much as your home. Your auto policy provides only basic liability coverage. You need to be sure your investment is protected.

Specific Recreational Vehicle Insurance can cover:

  • Roadside assistance, emergency transportation
  • Total loss recovery
  • Personal items, clothing, camping gear
  • Vacation liability
  • Liability for damages beyond your specified limits

Having a specific RV Insurance policy makes good sense!

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