Personal Umbrella Insurance

Let’s suppose you’ve got great Homeowners and Auto Insurance, with half a million dollars worth of liability coverage. This should cover you in most circumstances, right?

The key word here is most. What if someone is injured in your home or on your property, and they sue you for a million dollars? Your insurance will cover half that amount. Who pays the other half? If a court decides you are liable, then you must pay it yourself. Savings you worked hard for – your children’s college fund, your “nest egg,” your retirement savings – all could be at risk from legal liability if you don’t have the right amount of insurance coverage.

Personal Umbrella Insurance protects you by paying the additional amount not covered by your Homeowners or Auto Insurance policies. It may also pay for:

  • Defense coverage for attorney fees and other legal costs
  • Accidents that occur outside of the USA
  • Costs incurred in cases of character defamation, libel, and slander

Who Needs Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Personal Umbrella Insurance is not just for the wealthy. If you own a home or drive a motor vehicle, you could find yourself vulnerable to costly legal action and large settlements. If you drive a motorcycle, ATV, RV or boat, Personal Umbrella Insurance is a must.

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