Disability Insurance

What would happen if illness or injury left you unable to work? Would you be able to pay your mortgage, buy food for your family, or cover all your other monthly expenses?

If the answer to the above question is no, it’s time to consider the peace of mind that disability insurance can provide.

If you become sick or disabled, disability insurance pays a percentage of your lost income for as long as you’re disabled.

What about Social Security disability benefits? Aren’t they a kind of disability insurance? They are, but only about a third of all people who apply for Social Security Disability are approved for benefits. The rest are in trouble, unless they have adequate emergency savings. Some people even have to drain their retirement funds to stay above water.

We offer several types of Disability Insurance. These include:

  • Short-Term Accident
  • Short-Term Accident/Illness
  • Long-Term Accident/Illness

Which plan is right for you? Call Alliance Insurance Group today and let our expert Independent Agents help you determine the best disability plan to meet your needs, or fill out our online form to request a quote.