We are an Independent Insurance Agency

There are two kinds of insurance agents: Captive Agents and Independent Agents. Captive Agents represent only one insurance carrier, such as State Farm or Allstate. We are an Independent Insurance Agency, representing dozens of insurance carriers. This translates into better prices and service for you.

What are some advantages to working with an Independent Insurance Agency?

Smiling female fastening driving a Convertible car.You wouldn’t buy a car without first comparing models and then shopping around for best price and features. You wouldn’t buy a suit or dress without first shopping around. Why would you want to buy insurance that way?

Buying insurance is a much bigger decision than buying that suit or dress. Having the right insurance provides a safety net for your business, your family, your home, your car, and even your income should you become sick or disabled. Buying insurance is a decision you should undertake with knowledge and care. That’s where your Independent Insurance Agent can be your lifeline.

This is even more important in business. Most captive agents won’t write business coverage at all, and even if they do, it’s just for businesses with very low risk of exposure, such as smoothie shops or real estate offices. Let’s face it; your business is unique. This is where Independent Insurance Agents really shine. We get you the best coverage at the best price for your company’s very specialized insurance needs.

Here are the top reasons to use Alliance Insurance Group:

  1. The Best Plans and Pricing. Your Independent Insurance Agent represents multiple insurance companies and can shop around for the best price, coverage, and service to meet your very specific needs.
  2. Superior Customer Service. An Independent Insurance Agent’s reputation is built on customer satisfaction, referrals and word-of-mouth. We are your expert consultants, now and in the future, and we keep you up to date as your insurance needs change over time.
  3. One-Stop Shopping. We represent a full line of insurance products, from business, personal, home, life, auto, and more. There’s no need to go anywhere else to find a policy that’s just right for you.
  4. Personalized Claim Service. Avoid the endless loop of impersonal telephone robo-voices. We can help you with your claim by speaking directly to your insurance carrier. Think of us as added peace of mind during trying times.
  5. Strong Community Ties. Your Independent Insurance Agent is part of the local community. We share your commitment to a strong, vibrant local economy because we are your neighbors and friends.






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